About Us

Crotty Consulting Inc. (CCI) is an innovative political campaign, communications and public relations firm established in 1990. The agency was founded on the belief that successful campaigns require innovative thinking and plain, old hard work. CCI serves a variety of political, government, corporate, labor union, non-profit and trade association clients throughout the United States.

The agency is particularly adept at precise strategic planning and meticulous execution, whether for political candidates, government agencies, Fortune 500 corporations, professional associations or non-profit organizations. CCI is unparalleled in its ability to conceive thoroughly creative concepts, execute targeted campaigns and deliver effective messaging that achieves our clients' goals.

CCI specializes in persuasive communications – conceiving thoroughly creative concepts that have led to numerous industry awards for crafting original, unique and effective communications programs, direct mail and online advertising. The agency utilizes all forms of media, including print, collateral, direct mail, radio, television, film, computer-generated video and web-based applications.

The CCI team includes political, research, government and public policy specialists, communications experts, award-winning writers and designers, and accomplished public relations and community outreach professionals.