Our Services

CCI has conducted political campaigns, communications programs and public relations projects in hundreds of cities and counties throughout the United States, more than 25 states and a number of foreign countries.

  • Political Campaigns

    Having worked at the local, state and federal levels of politics and government for more than twenty years, CCI's approach is distinctive in quality, innovation and foresight. The agency’s professionals provide exceptional ideas that are executed flawlessly and have been successful locally, regionally, statewide and nationally.

    CCI's campaigns are distinguishable by style, technical sophistication and ability to deliver highly targeted, persuasive messages to voters. The agency is renowned for its ability to take intricate research results and translate them into messaging that is cogent, accessible, understandable and effective. CCI’s ability to get to the root of what people are thinking and why they are thinking it provides its clients with a tactical advantage.

    The agency's efforts in, and relationships with, Washington, D.C.-based individuals, agencies and organizations have provided it with a national political presence.

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  • Communications

    CCI develops precisely targeted communications campaigns that reach audiences in the most effective and cost-efficient manner. CCI conveys a singular and consistent call to action among each targeted audience by ensuring that a variety of communication vehicles share and support a coordinated, integrated look, feel and message.

    The agency's communications medium spark interest through eye-catching graphics and unforgettable messages. From concept to completion, CCI's copywriters, designers and production staff combine innovative and imaginative ideas that work brilliantly. The agency is not limited to just one or two communications vehicles – it integrates all forms of media in it's mix for maximum reach and penetration, including cutting edge web 2.0, social networking and mobile media.

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  • Public Relations

    CCI understands its clients' objectives and will do everything possible to meet and exceed them. The agency has created public relations campaigns for clients such as Fortune 500 corporations and high-tech start-ups to "mom and pop" shops, trade associations and local government agencies.

    The agency's extensive experience in business, government, media and communications makes it uniquely qualified to meet each client's specific needs – without using the "cookie-cutter" approach employed by many other PR firms. CCI is particularly adept at shaping opinion among targeted audiences, communicating authentic messages that penetrate and resonate and moving the targeted population to action in order to achieve the desired results.

 The agency employs integrated techniques including messaging, targeting, advocacy, community outreach, coalition building and communications.

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